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88 Xintiandi residences – the cultural and historical legacies of Shanghai, China.

2002 saw the completion of Xintiandi a creation inspired by Hong Kong and mainland China based developers, Shui On Group. The sprawls of rundown Shikumen homes (traditional shanghai housing) were restored, new buildings erected and an urban tourist attraction created.

Located in the centre of the city it is instilled with the cultural and historical legacies of Shanghai, seen through the beautifully restored buildings and local museum. However, its main attraction is the smart boutiques, stylish restaurants and numerous cafes and bars that have gathered here, along with tourists, business travellers, expatriates and locals.

Part of the development includes 88 Xintiandi, a luxury boutique hotel that has all the trappings of its urban chic surroundings. There are 53 residences all designed to an exceptional level of quality and taste.

Complete with their own kitchen area and amenities, the residence suites at 88 Xintiandi provide for the rare and often longed for opportunity of a night in. A huge regal desk can combine as a cosy dining area, creating the ultimate in home comforts.

Of course, for a night on the sofa or a quick reprieve between a busy day and hectic night, each residence has its own sitting room complete with a flat-screen TV and DVD.

88 Xintiandi Room

Enormous double beds are tucked into custom-made alcoves, and the attractive mulin floating down from all sides not only keeps the mosquitoes away but also adds to the overall sense of lightness and serenity.

Chinese and South-East Asian furniture and accessories elegantly fill the room and their contrast with the modern simplicity of the decoration is striking.

Every room has a balcony overlooking the plaza of Xintiandi or the Taipoingqiao Lake and Park.

The hotel has a small restaurant dominated by a beautiful terrace, with wooden decking and stylish metal tables and chairs, overlooking the lake.

Facilities include an inviting indoor swimming pool with sauna, steam room and jacuzzi as well as a fitness centre.

88 Xintiandi Kitchens

With abundant shopping and dining surrounding 88 Xintiandi, its a stones throw away from a good night out. The careful design of the building, though, blankets the sounds of Shanghai’s 24-hour partying so you can enjoy your own night of bliss.

Just minutes by taxi from People’s Square, the famous shopping hub on Nanjing Road and the stunning panorama of the Bund, 88 Xintiandi is the ultimate boutique choice for luxury, comfort and convenience in Shanghai.