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Banned from China or Blacklisted ? Destroyed my Shanghai rented apartment

when I was in my early twenties (several years ago) I took a teaching job in Shanghai.

Long story short, I ended up getting royally screwed by both my landlord and the school. The landlord was constantly lying and being a real jackass. He also kept trying to come into my apartment for "inspections" at least once a week, sometimes multiple times. Plus a lot of other BS things.

By shear luck, I found out the school was trying to not to actually get me the long term visa I needed several days before my current one went out. My immediate superior also was a real *******.

Anyway, I was very, very angry at the time and I knew I was going to be out of the country long before anyone could figure out what I did to the apartment. I was also going to be out a lot of money because of deposits and several months rent you have to pay in advance for apartments there. I knew there was no way that jackass would re-imburse me.

Determined not to let the landlord make a profit off of me, I caused a significant amount of damage to the apartment. Holes in the wall, ripped up furniture, politically subversive drawings, his daughter drawn in unbecoming poses, rotten fish and organ water spilled on the floor and furniture, fish thrown in the vents, cracked the toilet and counters with a hammer. All this sums it up. It was bad.

This was stupid, I know. I really shouldn't have done it. But I was a kid and extremely frustrated.

Even though I still have no intention of returning to China because of my bad experience, I would like to know how likely it is they have some record on me somewhere and are just waiting for me to hit the border. And if they do have this record, what kind of punishment would they plan on? Are we talking fines, jail, caning?

In addition, would this also apply to Hong Kong, or just to the mainland?

Can't imagine that there is something like a blacklist for this sort of things. Especially since the landlord got a deposit from you and did not return to you. If he got special guanxi and managed to put you on a blacklist based on some shady other reasons, that would be a different story. HK couldn't care less of what you did here in CN.

Useless ESL clown that couldn't score a girl or job back home so he bought a ticket to SH. Bravo. And managed to make a fool of himself while at the same time burning every bridge between SH and what ever suburban dump he came from. Retard is an insult to the average Shanghai B.H.L

As for the reasoning that the locals trash shi*t, so its okay for foreigners to do it.... Yeah great. Why don't we all de-evolve 5000+ years. Start shi*ting in the street and wiping our ass with our hands. Its not like we where taught to behave civilised and have morals. Why set an example when we can really show them mainlanders that even foreigners are uncivilised animals....