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I got hit by a car (taxi) in Shanghai - criminal injuries compensation ?

I have one question,
I got hit by a car (taxi) when I was crossing street on green lights.
I would like to know if I have any rights in China to get back my money I paid in the hospital and to get the criminal injuries compensation?
I would like to know if I have any chances as foreigner vs. Chinese law.

Thanks in advance for reply!

If the police were involved at the time of the accident and they gave you the requisite chit that the hospital needs to fill out then you have a chance. Nothing to do with foreigner v Chinese law.

The completed chit is the basis and start point of any damages claim for medical bills, personal effects damage and off-work compensation.

But if you did not call the police then it would be from hard to impossible, and if the police was involved I hope you did not sign any document in Chinese that you could not read ........

Thank you guys for your comments.

Police were involved. That day they didn't give me any document - ambulance brought me to the hospital. Few days ago my husband went to the traffic police station with our friend who speaks Chinese and they have received one document, kind of certificate. There is info that it was the fault of driver, his name and car number.
Police officer asked to get back to thim once I finish all medical treatments and to bring all invoices. Then they will contact the taxi driver and we should "close the procedure" as they said, whatever it means...because of this I decided to find a good lawyer.

I dont feel good at all, I suffer from headaches, contusions, insomnia. I spent a lot of money in international hospital. That is not everything. During the second medical checkup - doctors checked CT scan form theday of accident once again and discovered that one bone of my spine isbroken and I need the the surgery treatment very soon. Still I haven"t decided where to do this operation.

I suffer a lot. I am in risk to have no extension of my labour contract in April.
That accident changed a lot, and this damn driver even wasn't interested to get in touch and ask how am I doing.

Two questions,

do you know a good orthopedics-surgeon in Shanghai? Foreign one? I know that is not easy, usually the best specialist remain in their origin countries instead to coming to China.

Do you know lawyer specialised in this field?

Thank you once again

I would not assume that your International hospital bills will be paid by the taxi driver. The police may 'localize them'.

You should also consider the impact the bills will have one someone who only earns 20rmb an hour. It maybe several years salary for him when he is already living under hardship.

The reason why the driver might not be interested in how you are going is because they are scared to death of the liability and what this might mean to him. Most likely he will have to move his whole family back to their hometown ashamed and broke with little opportunity of future employment.

I think this is something you need to consider carefully. Yes he hit you, but you were on the road, green man or not. It is dangerous here and that is a risk we take.

As for the surgery required, there are many really good world class surgeons here, they will most likely be Chinese. Don't underestimate how good the local surgeries maybe cost and quality wise.

My wife broke her ankle (ice skating and badly broken) here in Shanghai and needed a plate and screws to get it repaired. It was done at the international hospital by a local Chinese surgeon in the local operating theater, as is customary with all international hospitals. He was a young guy who did an excellent job, very little scar, and no further problems, my wife walks as though it never happened and you can not see the scar now.

It was mega expensive but covered by insurance.

You are in a difficult moral position, up to you and your conscience how you proceed with the guy who hit you. I would imagine the expenses will be based on local costs, not the inflated ex-pat costs.

For information, my wife's bill was just over USD 36,000 for everything (the removal operation a year later included). Local hospital was quoting USD 3,000 for the first operation but that might have been high, because they saw a foreigner present (my wife is Chinese).

If you don't have insurance then all reading take note. Get full medical cover in any contract you have out here and if you are self employed, then weigh up the costs very carefully as to whether medical insurance is preferred.

Hire a local lawyer. A buddy of mine was hit by a drunk driver and lost a limb. After some mediation the driver paid him 3mil RMB and hospital treatment.