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  1. Some good advice there thanks. What riles me is there's no consistency in China with these things at all, and nothing is in writing (at least not in English), like they just make the rules up as they go along. Will call UPS' US office first....Then try never to use UPS again! Cheers.
  2. The simplest option is to refuse the items and take it as a learning experience. You can try to get the package sent back, but you're probably not going to want to go through all the trouble it will take to do it. You've got to realize how many people are trying to sneak product into the country to avoid paying import taxes. At the border of Hong Kong, some guys were even sliding iPads along a cable across the border until they got busted. In my experience, you can't ship more than two or three of any one item without customs assuming that it goes beyond personal use. Also, if there are many different products but of the same brand, they'll assume the same thing. If you ship anything, use USPS, and only send a handful of product packed with other silly items or snacks. Every box gets opened and checked, so if it looks like a nice care package from home, it will pass without trouble.
  3. Hi all, wondering if anyone can give me some advice? I ordered 1600rmb of skin creams online last month from the US, to be delivered by UPS. Customs in Shanghai seized the goods on arrival, UPS tell me its because the value is over 1000 RMB. After countless emails, and telephone calls to UPS, having to photocopy my and my wife's passport, visa, letters explaining the situation to Customs etc etc, UPS told me I have to discard some of the order to bring the value to under 1000RMB. This seems crazy, and no one I know has heard of this ruling before. Now UPS say I have to wait another 4 weeks for Customs to discard the items! And write a begging letter asking them to kindly throw my stuff away! The attitude of the UPS staff stinks too, seems they try to make the situation as difficult as possible. A Shanghainese friend of mine told me only a bribe will fix the situation! Anyone know anything about this nonsense? Cheers.
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