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  1. I am the latest in what seems to be a long line of expats who has benefited from Vivian's outstanding property rental services and general friendliness and coolness. To make a long story short, my bf and I were using another agency, not Vivian's, to find an apartment. It didn't seem to be working out for a number of reasons, and after reading others' reviews we called Shanghai Housing to continue our search. It turned out that our original agent came through after all and we ended up leasing with him BUT I wish I'd called Vivian first. Rather than just dropping us after we told her that we'd found an apt. with the other agency -- which she would have had every right to do -- she kept in contact and walked me through everything that the other agent should provide in the leasing process: the offer letter, what should be included in the lease, etc. She really, really gave me peace of mind, as renting an apt. in Shanghai for the first time can be a big unknown. So I want to say THANK YOU to Vivian and Shanghai Housing and would like to heartily recommend her services. She is sharp, honest, and entirely personable and deserves her great reputation. Contact Vivian @ShanghaiHousing
  2. Just out of curiosity, did you decide on a school for your children? We have a 13 year old that we have just enrolled in Dulwich. Did you visit this school, and if so, what were your thought on it? It seems to be a hard call, deciding where to send them and taking all other things into consideration, like where to live etc. Cheers
  3. To the original poster, don't let anyone dismiss your concern over giving birth here. It is a very realy concern and a very big decision to give birth in a foreign country, much less China. Women who are pregnant or mothers, will understand. That said, I just gave birth to my third son at UFH. (Others were born in USA.) The experience was for the most part good, but frankly I knew what I was doing. It cost us about the same as US, but we have good insurance. We probably paid apprx. $1000 USD out of pocket. I was told by my doctor that if I wanted to fly home to US, I would need to leave here at 32 weeks. (I was low risk) Some things will say you can fly up to 36 weeks, but I don't think they mean 14.5 hour flights.
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