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  1. Does anyone know any good fee based financial advisors in shanghai? (Not those guys that call and drive me crazy!) I'd never trust them with my money -- they can't even tell me where they got my phone number.
  2. Welcome to China. As a matter of fact stuff is in writing, but it's in Chinese, as you said. And, yes, there is consistency, even though one may have no perception of it because of the language barrier and the fact many officers just don't know what's going on outside of their department. The only one master key to avoid (some) hassles in this country is to know the language. Sometimes even this is not enough though. As for what concerns your shipment, USPS is going to give you the same problems. There's a cap of 1000 rmb on each postal shipment, including private forwarders and national post ASFAIK. So I'd suggest either 1) to break your future shipments into smaller parts or 2) to find a professional importer who can bring stuff in in HIS name and sell it to you afterwards.
  3. Actually applying for a Z-visa in HK if you are not a resident/citizen is always touch and go regardless of nationality. The strict rules are that you need to present proof of HK citizenship/residency in order to apply for a Z-visa in HK instead of your home country. However an exception may be granted provided: a. your China company was able to secure an invitation letter stating HK as the place of Z-visa application b. the consul official based in HK chooses to accept the application In short, you're essentially asking the Chinese officials to bend the rules to let you do the application in HK instead of France; this does leave you at the mercy of the officials and no guarantees what will happen. There have been stories of people who have the requisite invitation letters for HK but were still denied my the consul official after being asked for proof of residency, so having an HK-invitation letter is not enough. Most of the time there's no issues for approval, but the consul official is having a bad day then you're really in for it.
  4. do you know a good orthopedics-surgeon in Shanghai? Foreign one? I know that is not easy, usually the best specialist remain in their origin countries instead to coming to China. Do you know lawyer specialised in this field? My wife broke her ankle (ice skating and badly broken) here in Shanghai and needed a plate and screws to get it repaired. It was done at the international hospital by a local Chinese surgeon in the local operating theater, as is customary with all international hospitals. He was a young guy who did an excellent job, very little scar, and no further problems, my wife walks as though it never happened and you can not see the scar now. It was mega expensive but covered by insurance. You are in a difficult moral position, up to you and your conscience how you proceed with the guy who hit you. I would imagine the expenses will be based on local costs, not the inflated ex-pat costs. For information, my wife's bill was just over USD 36,000 for everything (the removal operation a year later included). Local hospital was quoting USD 3,000 for the first operation but that might have been high, because they saw a foreigner present (my wife is Chinese). If you don't have insurance then all reading take note. Get full medical cover in any contract you have out here and if you are self employed, then weigh up the costs very carefully as to whether medical insurance is preferred.
  5. I know it can seem like a daunting experience to have a babe in China, but actually the Chinese are pretty experienced at it. My wife had ours end of 2005 at the Peace Hospital located at Xujiahui, which is affiliated with John Hopkins in the US. They have a VIP section on 13 and 14th floors. I believe the cost was about 14,000 RMB for delivery and 3 day stay in the smaller private room with private bath and I slept on a cot (which had sofa, TV, cot etc). Like the other "foreigner oriented" hospitals, the doctors were the same as used in the regular part of the hospital (just about 10 x the price for going through their VIP section). It is worth it though, if have the money, as service was very good and floors very quiet and clean, fresh cut flowers English dailies. Re, the birth certificate, our boy just has one name, so not an issue of putting multiple names. I do recall it was very easy to do - I took some forms to another floor of the hospital and got through it with my not quite fluent Chinese in about 15 min. I was in the delivery room during the delivery. I forget our docs name, was female, may have been fang - spoke fairly good broken english. Even though med staff are not supposed to disclose sex of child before birth, the ultrasound techie, let us know there was something "sticking out " on our little guy - probably do that with most ex pat or mixed couples I imagine. Unless, you have med insurance to cover, I would recommend against United Family or other similar hospitals at 20000 USD a pop - not worth the money, in my opinion.
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