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  1. i have to fully agree with Jingster - that just because some international schools pay their teachers well, doesn't mean they are top notch, nor does it means that the kids are getting a reasonably good education. It would be not be wise for anyone to assume that low salaries means the teachers in that school is of low teaching standards.
  2. Thank you guys for your comments. Police were involved. That day they didn't give me any document - ambulance brought me to the hospital. Few days ago my husband went to the traffic police station with our friend who speaks Chinese and they have received one document, kind of certificate. There is info that it was the fault of driver, his name and car number. Police officer asked to get back to thim once I finish all medical treatments and to bring all invoices. Then they will contact the taxi driver and we should "close the procedure" as they said, whatever it means...because of this I decided to find a good lawyer. I dont feel good at all, I suffer from headaches, contusions, insomnia. I spent a lot of money in international hospital. That is not everything. During the second medical checkup - doctors checked CT scan form theday of accident once again and discovered that one bone of my spine isbroken and I need the the surgery treatment very soon. Still I haven"t decided where to do this operation. I suffer a lot. I am in risk to have no extension of my labour contract in April. That accident changed a lot, and this damn driver even wasn't interested to get in touch and ask how am I doing. Two questions, do you know a good orthopedics-surgeon in Shanghai? Foreign one? I know that is not easy, usually the best specialist remain in their origin countries instead to coming to China. Do you know lawyer specialised in this field? Thank you once again Cheers D.
  3. Hi, I have one question, I got hit by a car (taxi) when I was crossing street on green lights. I would like to know if I have any rights in China to get back my money I paid in the hospital and to get the criminal injuries compensation? I would like to know if I have any chances as foreigner vs. Chinese law. Thanks in advance for reply! D.
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