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  1. If you can't get anything sorted within China a good suggestion. Get a letter from your friends company saying you will be travelling to China regularly on business then when you are in the UK get the Chinese Visa service to issue you with a business (M) visa. A few of my colleagues have 2 year M visa's with Multiple Entry, 90 day stays each time. This seems the least hassle way of doing it to me.
  2. Hi guys, I'm in a situation where I'm leaving my company, but don't want to leave China just yet. My residence permit (sticker in my passport) is good until the summer of next year. My company and I want to sever as many legal bonds between us (put an end to the related insurance, taxes, etc. that come with the work visa), yet allow me to remain in China and do as I please afterwards. Then they won't have to worry about me, and I'll be free to either tour China for a while or look for the next job. My question is this: once my company cancels my work permit (the little purple/red book), will the government put any pressure on us to get me to hand in my passport to get the residence permit (sticker in my passport) canceled? I know I'm technically supposed to cancel the residence permit after canceling the work permit, but if I don't, will the government come after me? I did a bunch of searches to find the answer to this question, but all the results I'm finding are from years ago. Are their any issues I should be aware of now in 2018?
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