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  1. I have y kids at SRIS and I am very happy there. And so are they. Academically speaking, it ranks amongst the top british schools. And I am not just talking as a happy mother. they post the SATS results (tests taken at the age of 7, 11 and 14 by ALL kids in the UK-government organised AND corrected) on their website and the kids' scores are much higher than the average UK scores! In spite of the fact that over 30% of all children are non native speakers! Most british schools in Shanghai do not even take part in the official SATS testing as they are afraid of the outcome.
  2. There is no such thing as ' a good financial advisor'. There are financial advisors who are more ethical and client oriented than others. Cold calling has got nothing to do with that. That's only a way to get new clients and says nothing about the quality of the advice or the products they are selling. Banks also only (in general) sell there own products. You want to know how to invest? Read a basic book about the subject and pick some basic products from a dull, old reliable bank. EG Savings account, a dull bond fund and a 'world' stock fund. Want to beat the market? You lose in the end, except the advisor....
  3. The Chinese Consulate in Sydney doesn't allow Priority Processing anymore (1-2 business days) for visas due to a change in Government Regulations. The minimum time for processing is 6 business days and my flight leaves this Saturday to SH. I spoke directly with the Chinese Embassy and they said they still allow you to enter SH for up to 48 hours without a visa. I don't want to change my flight date so my only option is to get a visa in HK however I don't want to fly direct from SH to HK as it is quite pricey. So, is it possible for me to go to SH first without a visa, then fly domestically to Shenzhen without a visa, then travel to HK, all in under 48 hours without a China visa and then finally get a visa in HK? Or is there any other possible way? Cheers.
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