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  1. i dont think you are crazy. If anything, I think your child will probably get a more rounded experience with local school during the day and English (or whatever your native language is) when at home. What an amazing opportunity to develop the language portions of the brain! Never under estimate kids. Several teachers i have met have told me it probably wont make any difference (international school vs local) until the children start hitting 4th grade or higher. Cant remember the rational, but they all taught elementary school here in China as foreigners so they did get a little insight into the local schools.
  2. Hi all, I'm on a French passport and came in to China on an L visa. My company (I teach English) has finally got all the paperwork together for me to go to Hong Kong and convert my L visa to a Z visa. From talks with other French friends I know that converting a visa in Hong Kong is not always possible for people on French passports. Guess we shouldn't have talked to the da1a¡ 1ama that one time. I'm basically trying to work out what the chances are of my being turned away at the Chinese consulate in Hong Kong, ie, not being able to come back and having to go back to Europe to get things sorted out. Is anyone here on a French passport? Any idea whether I might be better going straight home rather than getting stuck in HK? Thanks Louise
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