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  1. He does speak like a local kid now but he looks quite different with the blond curly hair and blue eyes. We took him to the mall last month to see Ultraman. After the fight with the monster they started asking kids to come up front to answer questions for a prize. He raised his hand, went up and answered (in Chinese) correctly and won an airplane. He was the only foreign (looking) kid there. I cried, it was so cool. But, we will need a tutor soon, he's in zhong ban now.
  2. I know many people that are here without package or without school being part of the package. What do you do? How do you get education for your child if you can't afford $20,000 a year tuition? What are the options? Local school??? International stream?? What schools offer this and furthermore, what does it entail if you and/ or your child doesn't speak Chinese (or read or write)? I am in the fortunate position of having free international tuition because my partner teaches at an international school. However, since we live quite far from the school and because we have already lived in China for a long time, we chose to send our son to a local kindergarten when he was two years old. My partner is keen on him going on to local elementary school as well. Are we crazy?
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