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  1. If you want to buy a newly-decorated house, you can directly consult with developers and purchase it if satisfied. Necessary documents for registration will be provided by developers so you don’t have to worry about it. If you want to purchase a second-hand house, there are two ways to get it: 1. Search information by means of media such as newspaper. Website is another nice choice. A lot of websites are dedicated to offering services of informative references and consultations. You may have to pay for the services sometimes. 2. Look up for trading information in trade market or resort to trading agencies. Service fees can be considerable since they correspond to the price of the deal (Mostly it’s the seller who pays for the fees). You can stay at home and wait for the news from the agency if you take up this way. The registration courses for house trading have been simplified. Procedures are quite the same for both recently-purchased houses and second-hand trading. You have to prepare all the materials required for registration. These materials include: 1. Application form and trading contract 2. Documents of floor plan and house layout 3. Identity card 4. Assessment report sometimes needed After handing in the documents, it will take only a little time for house management department to get everything done.
  2. Gladstone Morgan is a British owned and managed financial planning consultancy. As Independent financial advisers, we specialise in providing independent advice to expatriates and foreign professionals with regard to international banking, insurance, savings and investments for financial planning security. We help clients with retirement planning (e.g. early retirement), college fees planning and making the most of balanced savings and investments for the short, medium and long term needs. Our advisers are qualified under the UK financial services authority (FSA) and our China office representatives have been been operating here since 2001. History of Gladstone Morgan Our origins date back to 1987 in the UK and our international services started in Hong Kong in 1992. Today, we provide services to a truly international client base situated in many countries around the world. As a small international consultancy, we remain focused on the quality and niche skills of our experienced advisers and support staff. As a result, our teams are committed to building worthwhile relationships and providing excellent client service. This means that our clients will continue to work with the same team for as long as they require, wherever they are in the world. Our 6 strategically located bases in the UK, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Shanghai allow us to cover the globe. Assets are usually held in either Hong Kong, or British Isles of Guernsey or Isle of Man (for legitimate tax advantages). This means that wherever clients are based they do not have to continually move their assets from one geographical location to the next. This therefore stabilises their advice and their asset management, saving them both time and money. Our clients find this convenient, secure and very cost efficient. Testimonials “I have frequently been contacted by financial advisers in Shanghai who interrupt my work and try to sell their products at the worst possible times. However, I have found Chris Golding to be very professional and I was happy that I took the time to visit him. Instead of trying the ‘hard sell’ approach, he took time to see which products would be suitable and did not push to move more quickly than I wanted. I am very satisfied with the professionalism”. “I liked the approach I had from Chris (Golding) and was happy to meet with him to discuss some ideas. After our first meeting, I felt very assured and comfortable that he could help me with my objectives. I have since introduced other expatriate workers and am very satisfied”. “I have worked with Chris Golding since 2002. Chris is responsive to my needs and has introduced an investment programme that matches my requirements. As well as very professional Chris has explained each step clearly and is always available for any questions offering excellent customer service”. “I started working with Chris Golding in 2001. From the first contact he has taken a professional approach. It was quite refreshing to have his “no pressure” approach to getting started. I was pleased with the open discussions we had about the options made sense for my situation. He continues to provide timely updates and ideas as our relationship progresses.” “I find advice from banks and other familiar sources very impersonal and seem to be treated only as a number. Chris (Golding) on the other hand provides a very personalised service and takes time to consult, analyse and provide options at a pace my wife and I were very comfortable with. The world of financial services is very competitive but I we found Chris to be very professional and he never applied any pressure while he helped us to make our decisions. We find this approach very valuable”.
  3. LehmanBrown is a licensed China-focused accounting, taxation, auditing and business advisory firm, operating dedicated offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau, and with an extensive affiliate network throughout China and in over 100 countries worldwide. Currently we have about 200 staff throughout China. LehmanBrown combines years of international expertise with practical China experience and knowledge, offering expert advice and support to both local and international clients. We are committed to providing individually tailored financial and business solutions for each of our clients, recognizing that each client is different. Through offering “whole of life” services, LehmanBrown offers clients assistance throughout every step of their business life cycle, from pre-conception to afterlife. LehmanBrown is registered with the PCAOB in the US and is able to conduct SEC work, as well as being accredited by accounting bodies in the UK and Australia. History of LehmanBrown Lehmanbrown was founded in 2001 by 4 partners, Lehmanbrown Group consists of: LehmanBrown Limited, Hong Kong; LehmanBrown Lu Hua CPA firm, Beijing and LehmanBrown Financial & Management Consulting Limited, Beijing, with banshichu in Shanghai and Shenzhen and office in Tianjin. Our total staff is about 150 people throughout Greater China. Lehmanbrown has grow long term relationships with our clients. We partner with our clients and continue to develop our relationship with them. We offer more personalized and highly tailored financial solutions to our clients, advising in areas they know they need help and seeking areas where we can help, and continue to win new clients and to seek out new areas of business potential. Accreditations LehmanBrown holds accreditations with various accounting and governing bodies, each of which reflects our dedication to the quality of our service and professionals. LehmanBrown CPA is registered with the US-based Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. LehmanBrown is one of only fifteen CPA firms in China qualified to provide the services to all US Listed companys in China LehmanBrown was the first China-wide accredited ACCA Platinum Employer and is accredited as an ACCA Approved Employer for Professional Development Stream. Lehmanbrown is ICAEW Authorized Training Organization Lehmanbrown is CPA Australia Employer’s Club Member Lehmanbrown is also Approved training quality partner for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Industry insight Flush with cash from successful domestic operations, China’s firms-both big and small-are now looking to invest abroad in order to build on their own business. The political tensions that increasingly arise in response to the presence of Chinese money and influence overseas have not dampened China’s ambition, Overseas investment will keep on growing. State-owned enterprises may still be leading the way with their high-profile buy-outs, but it seems more small private firms are preparing to get in on the international action. Chinese firms mainly target the developing countries, because they are familiar with emerging markets, but there is still an interest in developed economies. With five initial target sectors—IT, energy, real estate, ligistics and sports. The Austrian Business Agency(ABA) set up its third overseas representative office in Shanghai to get in contact with promising Chinese companies that are interested in setting foot in Europe. Energy aside, a prime target for Chinese outbound investment in the coming years is likely to be brands, but through many instances, we can see there still stands an argument. Commitments We are committed to providing individually tailored financial and business solutions for each of our clients, recognizing that each client is different. Through offering “whole of life” services, LehmanBrown offers clients assistance throughout every step of their business life cycle, from pre-conception to afterlife. LehmanBrown is registered with the PCAOB in the US and is able to conduct SEC work, as well as being accredited by accounting bodies in the UK and Australia. Did you know? Being able to strike a healthy work-life balance is vital both to you and to our business. Employees who are able to blend a professional career with personal time will feel rewarded and be more motivated to achieve. To demonstrate this philosophy, employees at LehmanBrown work on average an eight-hour day. After which, employees are encouraged to productively use their time for personal growth. To develop this philosophy within the company, team activities are frequently organised. In 2009 and 2010 LehmanBrown employees have climbed the Great Wall of China, celebrated Christmas with sherry and mince pies and welcomed in the Year of the Tiger with KTV and a team dinner.
  4. Cheers In is a new imported beer boutique concept launched in Shanghai in May 2011, founded by 4 French guys. Cheers beer boutique boasts brews from over 30 different countries. They have more than 200 customer references and aim to have more according to customers recommendations. They Love beer and want to share passion with all of us in Shanghai. Three of the four friends hail originally from Lille, in a part of France close to the Belgian border where beer is a way of life. Passionate about beer, they were frustrated that some of the best beers making their way to Shanghai were available only in restaurants. Now they can boast the best selection in the city, with beers from twenty three countries including France, Belgium, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and India. There fist shop and website are has been a huge success and the second shop is under construction at People Square. At Cheers In you are sure to find all the beer you search in Shanghai. One of the joys of Cheers In is that every beer is available as a single bottle purchase, so for the price of an extremely average bottle of wine you can sample six different boutique beers from around the globe. It’s a difficult choice, given the enormous range of high quality beers, so I started by asking Grégoire and Cédric to point out their favourites.
  5. Miracle Mandarin Chinese Language School, is a well established Chinese language school based in Shanghai, with 5 convenient locations in the city center, 1 branch in Beijing, 1 in Nanjing and 1 in New York and 1 in Stuttgart. Miracle Mandarin enjoys the best word of mouth for a great Mandarin school among expatriates and overseas students in Shanghai. The school is authorized to issue legal documents for qualified student to get student visa or living permit. The school offers short term intensive Chinese program, long term Chinese program, total immersion Chinese program, private tutoring, summer program and corporate language training program. The 5 convenient locations in the city of Shanghai are very easy to approach by metro. Free trial class is available on weekdays as long as you call to make an appointment. Jing An Campus: 21st floor, 319 Changde road Tel: (86 21) 6247 6388 Xuhui Campus: 1195 Middle Fuxing road Tel: (86 21) 5466 5585 Xujiahui Capmus: 396 Wulumuqi Nan Road Tel: 86 21-64333353 Pudong Campus: Rm 504, Building II, 98 Rushan Road Tel: 5888 8755 Yangpu Campus: 334 Jungong Road, Yangpu District Tel: 3381 7183 Learning Chinese is become a trend and a very important thing for graduates from all over the world. Shanghai and Beijing are obviously the ideal place to learn Chinese. There are not many options except universities which teach Chinese in a traditional way with a big group of students. Chinese language schools are the ideal place for those who want to learn Chinese faster. Miracle Mandarin Chinese language school is a good combination of private language school and university. We provide systematic programs from beginners to advanced, help students to get visa or living permit, guranreed progress in Chinese language skills and various culture activites makes the learning fun and interactive.
  6. Theres some new guys in Shanghai going by the name of Sushi’O who deliver mouth watering freshly made Sushi, Sashimi pieces and rolls directly to your doorstep across Shanghai, Within the inner ring and south of the Suzhou creek. Unfortunately no delivery yet to the lost lands of Pudong. Sushi’O is a French-Chinese remix of American style Japanese Sushi, very tasty and most importantly fresh and affordable. They also offer a take away for those of us who live in the French Concession or nearby, they are over at: 34 Yanqing Road nearby the crossroads of Fumin lu and Changle lu. For more details on how to arrange your sushi delivery check out their website: http://www.sushi-o.com/
  7. The Pure Soap Philosophy “What is your point of difference”? is a question often asked by Joe Samaga, co-creator of PURE. The ability to set yourself apart from the rest is what Joe prides himself on. The creation of PURE is a balance of ideas, ethics and responsibility. Stephen Buchanan, co-creator of PURE says “What we wanted was a product that minimises carbon footprint, utilising only natural ingredients, without the use of synthetics and industrial manufacturing”. With combined experience’s from around the globe, the partnership has brought to Shanghai a new wave of skin and hair care. PURE not only offers you a safety conscious product buy sustainability and peace of mind. Creators Stephen Buchanan, a native of the United Kingdom started his training as a hairstylist and colourist in London in 1992. Seizing the opportunity to travel whilst gaining international hairdressing experience he left London in 1995. Having styled hair in Europe, Australia, and Asia, he now resides here in Shanghai running a boutique hair studio in the french concession. Almost 20 years in the industry has given Stephen says, “In the hair and skin products industry, the use of chemicals is common proactive but we need to start looking at the natural alternatives in this environment, PURE is innovation in Shanghai.” Joe Samaga, co-creator of PURE, has extensive experience in retail and design. Ten years with Nordstorm, running his own visual merchandising and events business in Seattle, building on his own visual experience in Shanghai have all lead to the creation of PURE. What inspires Joe are the connections made between people. A cause for those in need, sustaining strong friendships and aiding individuals in their endeavours are a few ways he connects. Sometimes this can be done simply by conveying the passion behind the product. Producing, promoting and selling PURE is as natural to Joe as the range itself. PURE SOAPS are made entirely by hand with natural and organic ingredients. Blended with olive oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil, natural essential oils and exfoliants.
  8. Ark Properties is a leading orientation and housing consultancy based in Shanghai. We have been assisting expats finding a home in Shanghai since 2005 and are proud to manage one of the finest databases of unique and distinctive properties in the Former French Concession, Minghang, Qingpu, Hongqiao, Gubei, Luijiazui, Jinqiao and various other parts of Shanghai. Ark Properties is dedicated to providing only the highest quality of service and advice and we are proud of our award-wining customer service. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to assist with any questions regarding your next home search here in Shanghai. We also provide a wide range of additional relocation services through our China-wide destination service provider, Ark Relocation. Should you require any further assistance with school search, orientation, look-see visits, visa/immigration or household goods movements. History Ark was incorporated in Shanghai in May 2005 as a service-orientated destination service provider by a group of China-based expatriates, with extensive experience in Real Estate, Relocation, and Human Resource Training industries. The company is expatriate managed and owned, and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service quality in Shanghai. Initially the company focused on residential leasing services for expatriates in Shanghai, before expanding to offer a larger range of relocation services, including relocation management programs, orientations, settling-in program, school search, etc. through our sister company Ark Relocation. Today the company employs over 22 full time staff in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, and also offers services in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Tianjin and Chengdu. In 2010 Ark was awarded the prestigious Living in Shanghai Award by That’s Shanghai and was recognized as Best Property Agency for that year. Ark Properties is dedicated to providing only the highest quality of service and advice and we are proud of our award-wining customer service. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to assist with any questions regarding your next home search here in Shanghai. Did you know ? For ANY successful referral* you make to Ark, they will reward you with a bottle of lovely, bubble Taittinger Champagne, sent directly to your home. If you know anyone who is currently looking for a new renovated lane house, spacious garden villa or perhaps just a simple studio, please contact [email protected] directly.
  9. Austen Morris Associates is an international financial planning and wealth management company. Our international operations were founded in 1994 on the principles of trust, professionalism and partnership. We have built our business by implementing these principles to benefit expatriates around the world. As independent financial consultants, Austen Morris Associates provides unbiased advice and access to the world’s top investment management groups. Our advisors offer a wealth of experience, from offshore investment structures for your long term financial security, portfolio management, and wealth protection, to private equity and venture capital funds, providing the full spectrum of financial advice. Commitment to client confidentiality guarantees security and peace of mind while utilizing tax efficient jurisdictions around the world. What does this mean for you? By focusing on your needs as an individual, we tailor plans to reach your specific financial goals and maximize the benefits of living overseas. Austen Morris Associates’ Head Office Asia Pacific is a fully licensed Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), located in Shanghai, China.
  10. The Shanghai American School was founded in 1912 and was closed in 1949. It was re-opened in 1980 on the US Consulate grounds. From September 1996 the school has two campuses, one in the west and one in the east, and an extension program in the Shanghai Centre. In addition the western campus has just opened a new branch for high school students, also located in Zhudi about 100 meters away from the main campus. The US Consulate General serves as an umbrella organization, but their financial support is minimal. The American school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and by the East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools. The student body comprises about 1200 children from over 30 countries. The largest group is Americans followed by Koreans, Taiwanese, Australians, Germans, etc. The school has pre-kindergarten through grade 12 (ages 4-18). There is an average of 15 students per teacher. Grades 1 to 5 study Chinese one period every day. Secondary school, grades 6 to 12, can choose to study Chinese, French or Spanish. There are both Chinese and foreign teachers, but most come from the US. All teachers have a minimum of two years teaching experience. There are ESL classes for students who need help with their English language ability. Extra curricular activities such as sports, arts and baking, take place every Tuesday. The extra curricular activities are spread out over four periods a year, six weeks each period. The western campus is located in Zhudi, about a 15-minute drive west of the Hongqiao Airport. They offer pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. The facilities include a library with books in English, a music room, a gymnasium and a large outdoor sports area. Each classroom has a computer for computer classes, and science experiments are also conducted in the classroom. There is a dining hall where the children can have school lunch at a cost of USD 3.00 (or RMB 25) per day. The Shanghai American School has a Singaporean nurse, Ms. Angie Tai. Kindergarten and Grade One programs are offered at the Shanghai Centre under a cooperative agreement with Seacliff Ltd. The classrooms are located on the eighth level of the western office complex. These full day programs are extensions of the Shanghai American School’s western campus. Students should bring their own lunches and microwaves are available to warm foods. The eastern campus is located on the grounds of the Shanghai Links Executive Community in Pudong. It is approximately a half-hour drive from the Nanpu Bridge. They offer classes from Kindergarten through grade 12. The school has a capital-funding program that will raise capital for building two new campuses that will be able to accommodate 2,000 students each. Purchase of a debenture or payment of an annual capital fee will have to be done in addition to payment of the tuition fees. A debenture buys a permanent seat in the American School, whereas the annual capital fee buys a temporary seat.
  11. European style butcher shop with a huge range of different cuts from all over the world – Big Juicy Rib Eye steaks, lamb cuts, chicken, delicious pork chops, etc.as well as a wide range of in- house made products such as pates, sausages, hams, cold cuts, sauces etc. Thanks to the great success over the past two years, we have the unique opportunity to open our first Butchery in Puxi by the end of November. Opening Offer as long as stock lasts: 1. One bottle of White wine, Chile and one argentinian Chicken for 88 Rmb 2. Two imported Rib Eye steaks and one six pack australian Crown Lager for 98 Rmb Our main focus are families, small businesses as well as companies, as we want to provide high quality meat to people with high expectations in quality, service and safety. We are are certified importer of meat with a FDA certified restaurant and Butchery. We serve the biggest Steak and Burger in Town. If you don’t believe come over for a visit and try to finish it. If you win the challenge, you can write your name on the Wall of Fame and win a cash price. We welcome you to our venue. Your Yasmine’s Team Yasmines’s 178 Biyun Lu 200135 Pudong, Jin Qiao Tel: 021 5030 7886 www.yasmines.com.cn
  12. We are a pioneering Chinese body, hair and skin care range rooted in herbal traditions dating back several millennia. We fuse the holistic powers of nature and the wisdom of ancient Chinese healing to create exquisite products designed for contemporary lifestyles. Bayankala was conceived of by a French entrepreneur and long-time resident and “old China hand”, Jean Zimmermann. Zimmermann founded the brand together with a Chinese herbalist. The inspiration for the brand came during his time as General Manager of Lane Crawford department stores in China when he decided to create a high-end Chinese brand. We have different kind of special offers and promotions through out the year; All of these special offers and promotions are based on the seasonal elements. Occasionally, we also hold events through out the year for the customers to get deeper understanding of our brand and philosophy. We are proud to work with the most prestigious hotels and hotel spas in the country. Famous and luxurious destinations like Opposite House Beijing, The Puli Hotel and Spa in Shanghai, Andaz Hotel Spa Shanghai, Park Hyatt Ningbo and Indigo Hotels in Shanghai and Tianjin have shown faith in the Bayankala way by offering our products in their spa or as room amenities. As the first premium Chinese brand offering the most avant garde products in the market, we’ve been able to identify and select the most potent herbal remedies recognized by 2,700 years of Chinese wisdom of herbal medicine and bring them together with the French expertise famous worldwide to create the most successful skincare and body care concepts. We have already started to contact retailers in major other Asian markets and prominent cities to spread the message that China is on the move and offering the best the world has to offer for a healthy and beautiful skin. Our clients are sophisticated, well travelled and well read executives and forward thinking people who recognize that we need to care for our health as well as for nature, bringing together the best the earth has to offer, in total respect for the human race and its future but also in respect of animal rights and with a real concern for sustainability. Our growing followership is universal, with a strong concentration among Chinese, Japanese or expatriates living long term in China. Balancing contemporary scientific advancements with timeless Chinese beauty and healing rituals, we represent a modern form of Chinese inspiration. The radiant result is a range of sophisticated and safe skin and hair care products for women and men. From the design of the biodegradable packaging to the scents enriched with natural essential oils, we provide pure sensorial pleasure. As a corporation, and at a very early stage of our development we have identified 3 major areas where we are leading the industry today in China: 1. Corporate responsibility: We are establishing not-for-profit cooperatives throughout the country where villagers craft hand-made soaps and candles using indigenous ingredients and local resources. We ensure that local producers benefit from producing clean high quality ingredients and that such agreements will enhance their life, through honest and ethical work. 2. Fair Trade Agreement Our products are developed with respect for nature, people and culture. We work on fair trade agreements with local producers to ensure high quality ingredient sourcing, but also ethical and sustainable production. 3. Sustainable development Inspired by Chinese wisdom, we feel high responsibility towards society, our Chinese roots and the world we will leave behind for future generations. We therefore respect nature, Earth’s resources and human beings. We maintain a harmonious relationship with nature and we avoid the use of harmful chemicals in the cultivation of our ingredients. By developing long term sustainable farming practices with our rural primary producers, we are able to maintain the integrity of our ingredients while supporting their livelihood.
  13. Pandora Models is a Shanghai based modeling agency that specializes in both Western and Asian models. We are active in the fashion community, including fashion shows, editorials, as well as events and expos hosted in Shanghai. We are always seeking new talent as well as like minded clients seeking the highest in quality. Pandora Models was started by a small group of Western models that wanted to graduate into creating a modeling agency. After Pandora Models founding in August of 2012, the company has propelled itself into the fast moving Shanghai market. Pandora Models seeks to be on the forefront of the model and fashion world here in Shanghai. While specializing in experienced and deeply committed models, Pandora Models is always accepting inquiries from aspiring models as well as clients who seek to hire fresh faces to bring a new vibe to their company or event. Pandora Models, while having only been created in mid 2012, has found its niche in the Western companies who prefer to do business with agencies with experience in the industry as well as those who understand Western business cultures. In a short time, Pandora Models has collected a large amount of both quality models and important clients. The fashion industry in Shanghai growing quickly, and with that, the demand for models also grows. Pandora Models seeks to grow with that demand with the intention of meeting it. Clients who seek high quality models to give their product a strong vibe and presence in the market. Both models and clients. Adidas, Nike, Gucci, Ascott, Ferrari, various fashion lines on Taobao, Shanghai Fashion Week, and many more. Pandora Models guarantees the highest quality model and a price negotiable and affordable for each specific client. Pandora Models was created by those who have deep experience in the industry. Not only have they previously been models, the partners of Pandora Models also bring with them a wealth of knowledge from their time at Ford Models in the United States, as well as Clyne Models in New Zealand. Notes 813 Jiangsu Rd., Shanghai, China 15502141076 [email protected] www.PandoraModels.com
  14. Buyers from Mainland China, Singapore, and Hong Kong are shifting their interests from domestic to overseas properties due to measures taken by their governments to cool the demand for property investment in their own countries. Britain is one of the countries of this recent interest. There are even some firms planning to accelerate the global presentation of their launches at reduced prices with the expectation to meet the demand growth. Property units have been found to be reduced to as low as HK$497,000 (£43,000). This demand comes from Chinese investors who are turning to these offshore markets in response to the cooling down actions by their governments. Paul Salo an executive director involved with Chinese Buyers and Asia international properties makes the point that there are visible signs that the number of people seeking overseas investment is on the rise. Inquiries as well as transactions have increased between January and March at a rate of 20% when compared to 2012. These inquiries and transactions are coming from places such a Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Hong Kong. He also confirmed that because their governments are taking actions to slow rapid growth in their countries that they are looking beyond their shores to find new investment opportunities. Toward the end of last month Leung Chun-ying, the chief executive of Hong Kong, introduced the third in a series of measures to slow the pace of the property market in that region. This third round happened in July of 2012 and tightened loans for mortgages plus doubled the stamp duty. Likewise, higher taxes on the buying and owning of property were instituted in Singapore and mainland China. Paul Eden, who is the chief executive of Regal Homes based in the UK confirmed the effect of these recent cooling measures in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia has been an increase in the number of inquiries from overseas buyers. Although the increase has been slight, it is noticeable nonetheless. It has also resulted in project developers from across the globe showcasing their developments to investors located within the overseas regions. The project developers are based in places such as the United Kingdom, Australia, the Bahamas, the United States, and Dubai. Properties are being offered to both large and small investors. For example, student apartments are being offered at a low £43,000 to the smaller investors in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the mainland while larger investors looking in the London market are can typically be offered properties between £400,000 and £800,000. Century 21st, a Plymouth agency which offers student accommodations, typically offers its units between £43,000 and £57,000 each. Their sizes range from around 12 square metres up to 35 square metres without a mortgage and the ability to resell. The only stipulation is that these properties are only for student accommodation. However, a sales agent from Century 21st indicated that owners of these properties can realize a minimum return of 7% in as little as five years--guaranteed. The depreciation of the pound against Asian currencies plus a strong London rental market all contribute to increased interest from overseas buyers. Berkely Group, another UK firm that sells property to those from overseas, noted that Singaporeans have the largest representation of buyers interested in its UK homes that the group built. In fact, buyers from outside of the UK account for 40% of its property sales. Developers from the Bahamas have also noted the growth coming from Asian regions such as mainland China. Bahamas-based Baha Mar's director of worldwide sales Nick Cassini indicated that the interest from the mainland is growing to overseas properties thus his company will continue to have exhibitions that focus on educating mainlanders about the Bahamas so that they can make their decisions.
  15. One of the most popular locations for a foreigner in Shanghai is Nanjing Road. It has the light, it has the shopping, it has the food, it has the bund, and it has the scams. If you look and act like a foreigner around People’s Square, odds are that you will be approached by some younger Chinese girls and it will begin… Chinese Girl 1: “Hi, where are you from?” Foreigner: “I am from the USA” Chinese Girl 2: “Oh, I love the USA! Are you here on vacation?” Foreigner: “Yes…” Chinese Girl 1: “So are we!” … Chinese Girl 1: “We heard about this nice tea ceremony nearby. It gives the full Shanghai experience. Want to join us?” Foreigner: *thinking that he should get the Chinese experience and enjoying the company of Chinese girls* “Sure!” What Happens Next… The foreigner / foreigners (let’s just keep it plural for now) accompany the Chinese girls to a local tea shop where they sit and talk to the girls while having tea presented to them. Expecting the bill to be no more than 20 RMB a person, the foreigners don’t give much thought to the event and are happy to have the chance to experience the culture as insiders. The problems arise when the bill appears and the foreigners see a bill of 200+ RMB per person. If the foreigners complain about the price, so do the girls. The girls reluctantly pay. Because the guys don’t want to look cheap in front of the girls, they do as well. The foreign guys leave the ceremony with a funny feeling. They feel ripped off, they feel bad for the girls who paid too much, but they also got a bit of the Chinese culture. After thinking about it a bit, the foreigners figure they just paid for a story to tell their friends. Not a big deal and not worth ruining their vacation worrying about. This is, unless they accompany the girls to the acrobat show after the tea ceremony… What Really Happens The Chinese girls are employed by the tea store to bring in clueless foreigners to pay inflated prices for the tea ceremony. They know that single foreign males likely won’t turn down the advances of friendly Chinese girls and will have too much pride to complain about prices in front of girls, so they are the perfect candidate. The girls pay for the tea with money given to them from the tea shop and only pretend to be upset by the final cost. Later that day, they go back and get a portion of all revenue made. Stories of the Tea Scam When I first arrived in Shanghai I was approached by tea scammers a few times. They all had similar stories. While I actually wish I went with them one time to be able to tell the story first-hand, I can’t say I’ve experienced the actual tea ceremony. However, I’ve met two guys who had. The first guy I met in an airport. He had a 6 hour layover and decided to check out People’s Square. The above story happened to him. He felt a bit funny about paying so much, but overall thought the tea scam was a fun event. I felt bad for him, but it led me to realize that those getting scammed aren’t always aware of it, even when the scam is over. The second guy was one of my friends — same thing, complained that it was a bit expensive, but was actually gloating about how he met some local girls. However, I read one story on Shanghai Expat regarding the tea ceremony scheme that is far more entertaining… Conclusion The Shanghai Tea Scam is a popular, but not overly harmful scam. However, it is always fun to talk about. Do you have a story about this scam happening to you? Please tell in the comments section!
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