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Natural and Organic Soaps by Pure


The Pure Soap Philosophy

“What is your point of difference”? is a question often asked by Joe Samaga, co-creator of PURE. The ability to set yourself apart from the rest is what Joe prides himself on. The creation of PURE is a balance of ideas, ethics and responsibility.

Stephen Buchanan, co-creator of PURE says “What we wanted was a product that minimises carbon footprint, utilising only natural ingredients, without the use of synthetics and industrial manufacturing”.

With combined experience’s from around the globe, the partnership has brought to Shanghai a new wave of skin and hair care. PURE not only offers you a safety conscious product buy sustainability and peace of mind.


Stephen Buchanan, a native of the United Kingdom started his training as a hairstylist and colourist in London in 1992. Seizing the opportunity to travel whilst gaining international hairdressing experience he left London in 1995. Having styled hair in Europe, Australia, and Asia, he now resides here in Shanghai running a boutique hair studio in the french concession.

Almost 20 years in the industry has given Stephen says, “In the hair and skin products industry, the use of chemicals is common proactive but we need to start looking at the natural alternatives in this environment, PURE is innovation in Shanghai.”

Joe Samaga, co-creator of PURE, has extensive experience in retail and design. Ten years with Nordstorm, running his own visual merchandising and events business in Seattle, building on his own visual experience in Shanghai have all lead to the creation of PURE.

What inspires Joe are the connections made between people. A cause for those in need, sustaining strong friendships and aiding individuals in their endeavours are a few ways he connects. Sometimes this can be done simply by conveying the passion behind the product. Producing, promoting and selling PURE is as natural to Joe as the range itself.

PURE SOAPS are made entirely by hand with natural and organic ingredients. Blended with olive oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil, natural essential oils and exfoliants.

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